How to Do a Good Messy Bun Hairstyles

Messy buns are trendy but creating a perfectly good messy bun can be tricky. But not to worry, our guide on how to do a good messy bun will ease the task to some extent.

How to Do a Good Messy Bun

Messy Bun Hairstyle Directions

1)  To begin with, spritz a gentle amount of your favorite hairspray allover your head. It will act as arevitalizer for your down hair besides offering a base for perfect backcombing.

2)  If you want backcombing to add volume around your face and avoid a tightly slicked back look, backcomb the hair across the hairline leaving out a few strands at the front. That way you will prevent rest of the hair, which will be teased back to make the bun, from becoming frizzy and tangled while backcombing.

3)  After smoothing out the hair a bit, finger comb it into a high ponytail securing it with a ponytail holder afterwards. This should be done very carefully to avoid losing the volume you created through backcombing.

4)  The next step in how to do a good messy bun is creating volume in the pony. For this, backcomb the ponytail with the paddle brush until you get the desired volume.

5)  Get the hair wrapped around the base of your ponytail gently to shape a bun and seal the
bun in place with bobby pins. Three pins are just enough to hold the bun tightly. Thereafter mist texturizing mousse to make the do enduring.

6)  Finally finger brush the front hair forwardly to let some strands free and also take some wisps from the sides out to make the do look even messier. So all the messy bun lovers out there give this effortless tutorial on how to do a good messy bun a shot and speak your mind in the comment box.

How to Do a Good Messy Bun

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