Chapped Lips Treatment And Home Remedies

Chapped Lips Treatment, Dry and chapped lips occur all the time without warning. This is not life threatening, but it can cause inconvenience and affect the way people live their lives. There are different manifestations that can be observed, including the presence of one or several of these symptoms sores, tenderness, flaking, cracking, redness and dryness. The skin on your lips is thinner and more delicate than other areas of your body; it’s more susceptible to the elements.

Chapped Lips Treatment And Home Remedies

Chapped Lips Treatment

Your lips don’t have oil glands, and they’re almost always exposed to the elements. So if you don’t take care of them, you’ll pay the price.

Green Tea Bag

This is the best of all home remedies for dry lips and also the oldest home remedy which many follow. The wet green tea bag can effectively moisturize your dry lips. Take 1 used green tea bag and press it against your lips for at least 4 minutes. Do this every day to raise the moisture content of your lips.

Green Tea Bag For Lips Treatment

Milk Cream

Milk cream is a brilliant skin conditioner, and it can rush the disposal of dead skin. Leave cream milk drops on the lips for ten minutes. A while later, rub the remaining hints of milk cream from the lips with cotton dunked in tepid water. That will rush mending.

Milk Cream For Lips Treatment

Flower Petals

In the event that there is no aloe vera plant accessible, flower petal concentrate is an incredible option for alleviation of dry lips. This concentrate blended with crude milk can serve as a saturating specialist. The prescribed regimen is to apply the blend a few times each day and afterward once before going to bed. On the off chance that crude milk is not accessible, glycerin is a decent substitute.

Flower Petals For Lips Treatment


Juicing cucumber slices and slathering the affected area with the liquid is a good way of easing the discomfort of dry lips. It is recommended to keep the lips moistened by doing this several times in a day.

Cucumber For Lips Treatment

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